"Bazille Sampler Vol. Wanji" OUT SOON!

Hey everyone, it is with really great pleasure that I am now finally able to announce the release of a special project I have been working very hard on: the "Bazille Sampler" vol. Wanji. This project is dear to me because apart from music I really love to just write. Whether it's poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, etc. I've always wanted to release my own books and get something going in that area. While I have done two books before, this one is extra special to me because I've been able to really tie it into my music.
Basically, it works like so: the project includes two pieces - 1. A CD with 22 tracks dating from 2012-2016 and 2. A corresponding book with 22 poems that explore the song concepts and stories brought about in each track.
At this moment, I am still waiting to receive the first shipment of books. As soon as I get this first shipment, I have to pay homage to some people, and then I can move forward and really start selling this thing online and elsewhere. As soon as I'm able to sell, please believe there will be links everywhere I can put them for you all to purchase if you're inclined to.
At this point I also just wanted to apologize if me actually selling this is a problem for anyone. I usually release all of my music for free (each song on the CD can be found online) but since this is a book and physical order I need to be able to sustain it and such.
Overall, just want to say I love you all and thank you to anyone supporting what I am doing. Your positive energy is most definitely appreciated and I can't thank you all enough - whether you buy, download, listen, share, etc.