"Hunta Wana Yedo"

"Hunta Wana Yedo" is a newly released single off my upcoming album "St. John's Wort". The album releases late-August, and will be up on all streaming/music services online (as well as limited physical copies). "Hunta Wana Yedo" is a Dakota phrase that translates to "Move, Now" - it is being said to identity politics and policing, telling it all to get out of the way.


A huge pila/pida to my good friend Justin de Leon for directing, editing, and overall orchestrating this whole video. I had a specific picture in my head for what this video may look like, and with conversation, he was able to help me make those mental visuals the reality you see above. "Heartbeat" signifies the struggles I had going far away to college, who I miss, what I miss, and the fights that I chose to have in being Indigenous and from the reservation - now making my way through the city of Philadelphia. Much love also to my brother Alex Rafi for mixing down and helping me record this particular song.

"Red Hippy"

Big pila/pida to my brother Alex Rafi for directing, shooting, and editing this one. "Red Hippy" is a concept that I soon found myself identifying with as I grew in college. I had a good friend laugh at me once, saying, "Talon, you're like a closet hipster!" I couldn't help but laugh and agree. As I made the beat for this song, I realized there was one Smoke Signals quote that was never really used in Hip Hop yet - when Thomas says "... the perfect hippy, because all the hippies were trying to be Indians anyway!" - everything made sense after I started sampling that sound byte.

"Tell America I'm Sorry"

Once again filmed by the brother Alex Rafi. "Tell America I'm Sorry" is essentially me denying the popularized vision of the "American Dream". My life yearns for a different dream. I do not value money and monetary things like the rest of society does. I've been without, and have realized what really matters in those situations. My aspirations are ones that aren't revered as "noteworthy" by much of society either. So, maybe in cementing my legs within the values that I held close whilst being inspired by music, I could just never really come to like those ideologies of "America." Tell it I'm sorry though....

"Splash Water Bomb"

"Splash Water Bomb" is a song in ode and reference to the anime series "Bomberman Jetters" which is themed from the video game franchise "Bomberman". In the anime, there is an episode where Shirobon (the lead character) attempts to throw his "burning fire bomb" at Mermaid Bomber's "splash water bomb". Instantly and continuously thwarted, Shirobon expresses frustration and spends his time contemplating on what he can do to overcome this seemingly obvious mismatch. This was how I was viewing my success level with women and relationships. "She plays the Devil surrounded by Christ crosses. I play the sinner in spirit and throat lozenge." I really loved the anime, so was excited to film and edit this quick video.

"Tall Grass Ahead"

"Tall Grass Ahead" is a concept that I obtained from the way my mother and father lived their lives. They never really seemed to go with whatever flow was present. My father went to college, first in the family, and my mother consciously decided to stay home to teach us what she knew no one else could in such a different place. They both continued to impress and shine in their own ways, and even in some ways that weren't so glamorous or respectable, but nevertheless they showed me the value in walking where paths were not present, where only tall grass stood ahead of you.

"Religious Candles"

It came from a conversation me and my RedFist brother Rafi were having one day after a class we took together called "Gods, Ghosts, and Monsters" (a class in the religious department). That day, our professor (who was really brilliant, btw) showed us examples of various "religious" candles that were used for different reasons. Some had the Virgin Mary on them, others with Christ or other religious figures. Some were used for purposes of money, job promotion, or even for bad bosses. One arrangement of candles were marked to "have your crush like you back." Walking out of class, we started talking about this girl that I liked, and I stopped and jokingly said, "Yo, we need to go grab some of those candles!" Somehow this turned into my portion of the collaboration title for our album "Religious Candles & Rationalizations" and my single in that same project.

"Late Night Viber"

The summer of 2013 had to be one my hardest and most testing summers. With so much going on, my music began to be filled with depression and sadness. My daily routine was go to class, go to work, go home, mope, sleep, repeat - or at least, that's how it all felt. One other part of that routine was making beats and writing lyrics. It wasn't until I made this beat that I realized what I should be thankful for, and one of those many things that helped keep me up was the fact that I was a "Late Night Viber," constantly listening to records and creating what I love. With that, I felt it necessary to pick my head up and give it the proper respect it deserves.